Colloquy on 4 September 2015
To mark the launch of Fr. Andrew's book on modern Orthodox theologians a colloquy will be held on
4 September 2015. The main speakers will be Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, Very Revd. Dr. John Behr and
Prof. Revd. Andrew Louth himself. 


The opening of ACEOT was celebrated during a blessing ceremony
of ACEOT held on 21 October 2010. On the photo of the ceremon
 in the central hall of the university you can see from left to right:
Bishop Maximos,
the (now retired) Metropolitan Panteleimon of Belgium,
ACEOT director Fr Michael Bakker,
Metropolitan Athenagoras,
Metropolitan Kallistos and
Archbishop Gabriel of blessed memory (who has been succeeded by Archbishop Job of Telmessos)
The photobook contains a larger version of this picture.